Community-based Learning Program

Medical students learning in First Nations communities

Northern Health, the Northern Medical Program, the Health Arts Research Centre, and the First Nations Health Authority are partnering on a project which offers undergraduate medical students the opportunity to visit Northern First Nations communities for a weekend of cultural exchange and sharing of teachings on holistic health and wellness.

Since 2012, undergraduate medical students have learned in Northern First Nations communities including Burns Lake, Old Masset, Nak’azdli, Gitlaxt’aamiks, Kispiox and Fort Babine to name a few. Since 2014, the work has been formally funded and supported by Northern Health, the Northern Medical Program, and the First Nations Health Authority.

We envision this program leading the way in experiential community-based learning for medical students, who will hopefully be inspired to practice with Northern First Nations in the future.

For more information, email or phone 250-960-5993

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