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Northern Indigenous Wellness Funding Awards

In 2015, Indigenous Health and the First Nations Health Authority partnered to offer Northern Indigenous Community Wellness Funding Awards for the first time. These provide a maximum of $8,000 to support Indigenous communities and organizations working to improve health and wellness in Northern BC.

To be eligible for these funding awards, applicants must be:

  • Located within Northern BC (Northern Health and First Nations Health Authority Northern Region)
  • A First Nations Band, Indigenous community organization and/or Health Centre

Projects must support community-based initiatives that focus on holistic health and wellness and one or more of the following priorities:

  • Cultural safety
  • Primary care
  • Mental wellness and substance use
  • Population and public health: community wellness activities for Indigenous youth and Elders

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Support collaboration by encouraging different groups to work together towards a common goal such as community members (youth, families, Elders, etc.), health staff (Band, NH, FNHA), physicians, Aboriginal Health Improvement Committees (AHICs), other communities.
  • Support health and well-being by combining Indigenous Wellness approaches with current health care approaches.
  • Build healthy relationships and enhance how people connect with each other, their families and their community (e.g. community holiday gatherings).
  • Capacity building and training of local First Nations and Indigenous staff.
  • COVID-19: To protect those most vulnerable, and to make sure that our health system is able to care for those who become severely ill, we ask that all projects follow COVID-19 BCCDC guidelines.

Applications now closed

Applications will re-open September 2023 to October 2023. Successful applicants will be notified in November 2023. 


Northern Health recognizes that Northern BC communities are unique with different health and wellness priorities. IMAGINE Community Grants exist to support projects that address community-led health and wellness initiatives while improving the well-being of all Northern BC residents.

Grants are available for a maximum of $10,000.


Projects should seek to support community-based initiatives that focus on one or more of the following health and wellness priorities:

  • Mental wellness
  • Community diversity
  • Harm reduction
  • Climate health action
  • Food security
  • Active living
  • Community safety

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Support partnerships and build relationships - will encourage different groups to work together, connecting people to each other and their community
  • Identify a community need - will address something that is missing that could benefit the community and its residents to improve health and well-being
  • Reduce health inequities - improve access to supports and resources for better health for all
  • Build capacity - will develop and strengthen skills and resources within the community
  • Last - will have a good chance of living on after the funding ends

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