Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee

Northern First Nations, the First Nations Health Authority and Northern Health are working together to improve the health and wellness of First Nations peoples and communities in the North.  

The Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee is part of the new First Nations Health Governance structure in BC. It was established to implement the goals of the Northern Partnership Accord, signed in May 2012.


The purpose of the Committee is to collaborate and partner on planning, implementation, and evaluation of culturally appropriate, safe and effective services for First Nations residing in Northern BC. The Committee works together to close the gaps and remove barriers to health services for First Nations living on and off reserve. It works alongside the First Nations Health CouncilFirst Nations Health Directors AssociationFirst Nations Health Authority, and Northern Health.

MembershipNorthern First Nations Health Partnership Committee

The committee includes representatives from:

Collaborative activities 

  • Develop and implement the Northern First Nations Health and Wellness Plan
  • Develop and implement an evaluation process for the Committee workplan using health status indicators and other data to measure progress
  • Develop an annual progress report
  • Identify health needs and service gaps
  • Partner to organize health gatherings 
  • Develop partnerships with other Ministries, governments, and non-profits to work on social determinants of health
  • Facilitate engagement, communication and participation with local First Nations.

Learn more

  • Check out the Communiques summarizing the highlights of each meeting 
  • Review the document summarizing the Northern First Nations Health and Wellness Plan
  • Read the fact sheet An Overview of First Nations Health Governance in Northern British Columbia 


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