Lakes District IHIC

Lakes District Aboriginal Health Improvement Committee


Burns Lake Band
Burns Lake
Cheslatta Carrier Nation
Lake Babine Nation
Nee Tahi Buhn
Skin Tyee


The Lakes District IHIC is administered out of the Lakes District Hospital and Health Centre. If you would like to learn more about this IHIC or bring a health care issue to the committee's attention, contact:

Marie Hunter
Administrative Lead
Northern Health 


Local Cultural Resources:

Lakes District Aboriginal Community Resource Guide: A tool for collaborative planning in patient care

This booklet introduces health care providers to the First Nations communities in the Lakes District. Information includes a brief history of each community, contact information, travel distances and times, modes of transportation to consider, and health facilities in or near the communities.

Lakes District Booklet Cover.jpg

Gathering at the Lakes District Hospital and Health Centre

This document acknowledges the importance of gathering around a loved one in the hospital or long-term care home at times of health events, deaths and births. The information provided in the pamphlet will help with a shared understanding of what staff can do to support people at such times.