Change Day BC


Change Day BC – November 17, 2017 – Make your pledge today!

Change Day is a global movement that was started in 2013 by the National Health Service in England. Countries all over the world have since launched their own change days. The first Change Day in BC happened on October 15, 2015, and inspired thousands of pledges from every corner of the province. The actions and initiatives sparked by Change Day were so amazing that it’s coming back to BC on November 17, 2017.

To make a pledge, visit the Change Day BC website, or see pledges other people have made here. While Change Day tends to be focussed on health care, anyone can pledge – it’s not just for health-care workers. Make your pledge today!

Individual acts of change – regardless of their size – can add up to significant improvements for British Columbians and the health, social, community care systems. Every one of us has the power and passion to create change!

A pledge is something you commit to doing, changing or improving in health, social, or community care. It’s that simple! When you’re considering your pledge, think about something you’re passionate about. What’s one change that you’ve always wanted to make? Now is the time.

Examples of Change Day pledges include:

  • working to increase cultural safety for Indigenous people
  • drinking more water
  • taking a break
  • asking your doctor questions when you don’t understand
  • talking about your mental health
  • taking the stairs

In 2015 Amy Horrock, former Northern Health Dietician, pledged to eat only pureed foods and drink only thickened fluids for a day, so she could understand what this feels like for patients – see this YouTube video.