A guide to covid-19: caring for yourself and your loved ones


First Nations Health Authority has updated their guide “A Guide to COVID-19: Caring for yourself and your loved ones." 

This guide is designed to provide useful information for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide focuses on how you can care for yourself and others during the worldwide spread of a new disease, as is happening now with COVID-19. The guide includes useful information including:

  • Prevention and protection
  • Symptoms and testing
  • Managing illness and self-isolation 
  • Medical Support information including FNHA Virtual Doctor of the Day and FNHA Health Benefits available
  • Mental health and wellness supports

For more FNHA COVID-19 information, visit their COVID-19: For BC First Nations Individuals page. 

Additional COVID-19 information: 

  1. Northern Health
  2. BCCDC
  3. National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health