Indigenous Health Engagement Survey


Northern Health’s Indigenous Health department is launching a new survey open to all Indigenous people who access Northern Health services.

The survey is designed to gain valuable and important insights to construct pathways for NH to communicate with Indigenous peoples to improve our overall services. Ultimately, the hope is that the survey results will help us learn how we can engage with you better, in order to improve our work and the quality of care that Indigenous people in the North receive. The survey results will help to guide how we approach this work going forward.

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Why is it important to participate in this survey?

Northern Health’s work needs to be grounded in community. We acknowledge the intergenerational harms of colonialism, that racism in health care exists, and that more must be done to address persisting health inequities. To do this right, we need you walking with us – guiding, shaping, and solidifying the work ahead. As part of this journey, we humbly ask for your participation in this survey.

This survey is for all Indigenous people who access Northern Health services. Your responses will help us better understand how we can ensure more meaningful participation of Indigenous people in NH’s work. Northern Health is committed to this process. Having heard from community, we understand that we need to:

  • Ensure meaningful participation of Indigenous people to improve Northern Health services
  • Ensure our workforce is more representative of Indigenous people in Northern BC
  • Support all of Northern Health learning through Indigenous cultural safety education
  • Increase accessibility to culturally safe and identity-affirming health care services
  • Improve Indigenous self-identification processes
  • Address the inequities in our health care system, including who owns the rights to any data collected from or about Indigenous people by Northern Health

Is the survey confidential?

North Health applies reasonable safeguards to ensure the information collected through this survey remains confidential. All survey related data will be stored in a password protected and encrypted format, managed by Northern Health. Only the Northern Health Evaluation Team will have access to this data.

Take the survey today!

If you have any questions or if you need support to fill out the survey, please reach out to: