NDTR – A message from Nicole Cross, VP Indigenous Health


September 30 has been declared Orange Shirt Day, in recognition of the past harms and atrocities inflicted on Indigenous children in residential schools across the country. We must acknowledge these hard truths as part of a path forward - together. In June 2021, the Government of Canada passed Bill C-5 to name September 30 the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and a federal statutory holiday. September 30 is also known as Orange Shirt Day to recognize the story that started the movement: Phyllis Webstad’s The Orange Shirt Story.

Residential Schools have caused generational harm for Indigenous people throughout the Northern Health Region and Canada. While we cannot restore what has been lost, Northern Health has made a commitment to begin the work of reconciliation to those we serve – Indigenous people and communities.

As health leaders across the region, members of the Northern Health Executive team are seeking to share their thoughts and reflections on important, but still difficult, days like today. Our desire is to honour those who have suffered, as well as partake in truth-telling to better serve the people and communities we serve on their healing and life journeys.

To commemorate the day, the Indigenous Health department worked with newly appointed Vice President of Indigenous Health, Nicole Cross| Noxs Ni’isYuus, to share her three key sentiments and reflections on reconciliation.