A new book on the Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health in Canada


A new book, Determinants of Indigenous Health in Canada: Beyond the Social, edited by Drs. Margo Greenwood, Sarah de Leeuw, Charlotte Loppie (Reading) and Nicole Lindsay, incorporates a broader understanding of determinants of Indigenous health in Canada and is a unique compilation of ideas, perspectives, and stories written primarily by Indigenous people. 

Explaining why this book is important, Greenwood said: “These are stories that document resilience, strength, and solutions from a health context, offering a richness of information far beyond what we would ordinarily see in discussions centred only on the basic social determinants of health.”

In de Leeuw’s words: “What makes this book special is that it has been written by Indigenous people about Indigenous people and their viewpoints on health. It also provides an artistic lens on health issues rarely seen in academic medical texts. The book includes creative voice in the form of poems, stories and other art that provide a unique and serious reflection on health status.” 

Determinants of Indigenous Health in Canada: Beyond the Social can be ordered through your local bookstore or online through Canadian Scholars’ Press. The book was supported through the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) with funding from The Public Health Agency of Canada. All royalties from the book are going to the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada.

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