Northern Health Executive join the Cultural Safety and Humility Campaign


In June 2016, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) initiated a social media campaign to engage people throughout the Health Authorities in making a commitment to advance cultural humility and safety

Recently, members of the Northern Health Executive Committee took up pen and pledge form to join the campaign. Commitments made by committee members included:

  • To seek to understand

  • Stay curious

  • Learning and creating processes in NH focused on cultural safety

  • Listen, be an ally not a bystander, learn

  • Learn more about this place where we live

  • Not just listen, but hear

If you and your team want to get involved, it’s easy to download and print off pledge forms. This booklet from FNHA provides additional information about the campaign. Post pictures of your pledges on social media with the hashtags #culturalhumility #itstartswithme.