Successes promoting Indigenous Cultural Competency training


Daryl Petsul manages the medicine and maternity departments at GR Baker Memorial Hospital in Quesnel. He supervises over 80 full-time and casual staff, 85% of who have completed the Indigenous Cultural Competency training course offered through PHSA. Across Northern Health, approximately 30% of staff has completed the course. Why is the completion rate so high for this staff group?

There are a few things Daryl does to encourage staff to take the training. Every time the course is offered, he sends a reminder to all the staff he supervises. When he meets with staff for regular performance evaluations, he chats about the ICC course and shares what he learned when he took it. He personally engaged with the course and is able to share his experience in a way that motivates others to engage in the learning too. He promotes it as a wonderful course and the feedback he receives from staff are that it was well worth their time and effort. Daryl recognizes the previous manager, Pat Tresierra, and their assistant, Christine McCann, who have also continually encouraged staff to take the course.

If you supervise staff, you have a role to play in encouraging others to take the ICC training. Make sure you have taken the training and develop your own understand of why it is important for all NH staff to increase their cultural competency. Consider sharing what you got out of the course with your staff. It helps creates a personal connection which leads to better engagement. 

The Indigenous Cultural Competency training is an eight hour online course available free for all Northern Health staff. Let’s attain 100% completion! Check online for the next available session and sign up with your Northern Health email address.